A friend indeed …

If you died tomorrow, I wonder how many of your Facebook ‘friends’ would attend your funeral?



  1. Point well made! I often make imaginary quotation signs with my fingers when talking about “friends” I’ve made on-line. It’s truly a misnomer. I bet upon hearing of my untimely death, many of my on-line “friends” would say, “Bummer. That guy had a lot of great posts.” Of course, they may just say, “Bummer…” and leave off the part about my posts!

  2. Mark – thanks for taking my ‘comment cherry’ as it were! 😉

    I can see the seed of a new application here … Facebook Funerals!

  3. Via a Facebook branded ‘vital signs’, wi-fi-enabled wrist band … it could also change your status to stuff like: Richard is …

    – having a stroke (please call 999)
    – experiencing high blood pressure (don’t call him with bad news right now!)
    – dead! (… this would kick off the Facebook auto-funeral application to set up a ‘Richard’s funeral’ group and alert your frineds to the date for the event …)

    … the possibilities are endless 🙂

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