Social media in the enterprise …

My top tips for launching social media tools on a corporate intranet:

  • focus on value not risk
  • start small and build slowly – let users dictate direction and speed
  • let users try stuff as early as possible – warts and all – succeed or fail quickly and cheaply!
  • engage policy makers as early as possible (legal/security/HR etc.) – emphasise evolution not revolution
  • have realistic expectations – the intranet is not the internet
  • harness the enthusiasm of the enthusiastic – especially if they are senior or influential!


  1. I’m quite pleased to have stumbled across your blog… I’m a project manager for a large-ish (25,000 employee) organization that launching a new Intranet. This gov’t org is very conservative, and even those things that would be considered automatic on a blog or web site (think tags) will likely be seen as foreign here.

    That’s not a judgement of my employer — there are many reasons why we need to be cautious about new technologies. However, it is good for us to be looking at how web 2.0 and social network ‘stuff’ might apply to our new Intranet.

    The tips you list in this post are interesting. Yes, it is not the Internet, so expecting the type of enthusiastic adoption of the ‘new’ would be unrealistic. Value must be clearly defined before any change can be entertained. And engaging policy makers — I interpret that as ‘senior management’ — is absolutely the key here. A strong supporter can carry a project a long way.

    So, I’ll read, lurk and post occasionally — perhaps even share our experiences as we move forward.


  2. Mike,

    Thanks for your interest and I’m glad there’s something of value for you on the blog. For govt organisations I guess a cautious approach is wise … why not see which of your employees are active on social networks and blogs on the internet? Then set up some kind of informal social media forum/community internally looking at the possibilities for this technology for your organisation with these people (harnessing the enthusiasm and experience of the enthusiastic). You could invite security/HR people to join too to ‘warm them up’ to the potential of these tools going forward – it would be good to give them an opportunity to air their concerns and get their buy-in as early as possible. My experience of social media in corporates is that a ground swell of bottom-up opinion gets it on the agenda of the seniors sooner or later …


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