There’s no place like ‘you’ …

The world is awash with clever, insightful and witty quotes about and from ‘great’ leaders of the past and present about the nature of leadership itself. Conference organisers fill thousands of seats full of people each year hopeful of picking up the golden nugget that will propel them to greatness in whatever sphere they aspire to conquer.

As a young man, I spent four years as an army officer (… I was young and needed the work 🙂 ) . The day I finished my officer training, I was given a good piece of advice by my company commander: “Good leadership is just plain you”.

In the virtual world where we can be whoever we want, and in the real world where we aspire to copy PR-created-celebrity-mannequins, it is easy to lose sight of: ‘… just plain you’.

I think communications professionals would do well to follow this simple piece of advice when ‘grooming’ senior managers and preparing to put words into their mouths. Inauthentic words are little short of lies. It’s not easy offering the world ‘… just plain you’ but it’s the fast track to earning both ‘audience’ and, more importantly, ‘self’ respect.


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