Does the internal communications profession have a future …?

If social media tools continue to flourish on corporate intranets, which I’m sure they will, the internal communications landscape will soon change beyond all recognition. In a future landscape supported by personal relationships, dominated by informal, micro-communication where communication is conversation, the internal comms profession will have to ply its trade in an environment which does not lend itself well to ‘managed’ communication – the current preferred method. So what will it do? How will it adapt?

That’s the focus of an article I recently wrote which appears on the Melcrum Internal Comms Hub today. As this is a subscription service and the article got chopped a bit to fit the Hub format, I’ve published the full-length original article here. I’d be interested to hear your views on the subject …



  1. Nic – sorry, I had forgotten to actually publish the article – it was still in draft 😦

    Hopefully, you should now be able to see the article … hope it is worth it after all this!!! That’s what happens when you let children play with power tools 🙂

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