Facebook the new bogeyman …

Why has the media got it in for Facebook? Yet another completely misleading article appears today in the Daily Telegraph under the headline: ‘Wasteful Facebook Addicts Face the Sack‘. The article claims:

“It found that more than 1,700 people working for 65 public institutions have been dismissed or disciplined for internet or email misuse in the past three years. ”

… and then goes on to say:

“Common offences include excessive internet use, viewing inappropriate material online such as pornography and forwarding offensive emails to friends.”

I’m struggling to find any reference to people being disciplined or sacked for abusing Facebook or other social networking sites in this article?? Internet and e-mail abuse is hardly new or big news … it pre-dates Facebook and social media tools and I’m willing to bet the vast majority of people who get sacked do so for viewing porn.

If newspapers wrote about the ‘news’ rather than distorting the facts to meet their own agendas, perhaps people might take them a little more seriously!

Internet and e-mail abuse won’t go away if Facebook is turned off … access to e-mail and the internet at work needs to be managed through clear policies and by encouraging personal responsibility and accountability … morning rant over!!

POST EDITED: 23-11-07:

Stop Blocking logo

I meant to  add a link to the Stop Blocking site.



  1. I can assure you that I don’t … I have some automatic alerts set up for terms like ‘Facebook’ and I was alerted to the article that way. Suppose I should have put that caveat in the article to protect my reputation!!

  2. Given the growth of Facebook this year and the positive coverage given previously, it’s inevitable that the media want to bash it as much as possible now, regardless of the facts or the clarity of their arguments.

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