Where do I start?

I’m often asked this question; ‘I want to introduce social media tools on my intranet but I have no idea where to start – what’s your advice on taking the first tentative steps?’

The first thing I would do is try to find other people within your organisation who already use social media tools on the internet – probably in their free time. A quick search of Facebook or Technorati will normally turn up some names (as an aside, there is a BT Facebook group with over 8000 people in it – all of whom have joined the group voluntarily … if that’s not a cry for greater collaboration, nothing is!).

Once you have identified some existing users of these tools, invite them to join an informal group or ‘task force’ to discuss how you might be able to use some of the most popular/useful tools behind your firewall. Why not set up a closed group on Facebook itself and invite your colleagues to join it and have informal discussions about the topic on a tool with which they are probably already familiar … ‘walk the talk’ as consultants like to say! It’s a good idea to try to identify the most senior or influential person you can who is already a user … direct your findings and recommendations through them.

Starting out along this road on your own is pretty tough … harnessing the enthusiasm of the enthusiastic makes it a much less lonely trip. Social media is a ‘bottom-up’ phenomena … gather together some co-conspirators and let the revolution begin!


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