New BT Intranet homepage …

It’s funny, isn’t it … sometimes you start off with one thing in mind and end up somewhere completely different. Imagine the scene, we’re redesigning our intranet homepage and, as good intranet managers, we’re getting feedback from users on a blog before it is launched.

We’re expecting the usual stuff about colours and some resistance to change, but we weren’t expecting to receive a tirade of abuse from one respondent about the fact that we were using a blog to gather feedback and blogs were dispicable, evil ‘things’ … WOW! 😮

In a way it’s very refreshing to receive this kind of feedback – it’s a healthy reality check and guards against unwarranted complacency. More interestingly, it draws into sharp focus the ‘aura’ and ‘mystique’ surrounding social media tools. More commonly, BT people will say they want a blog or wiki because they have heard of them as fashionable ‘brands’ without understanding what they are or what they want to achieve through using them. It’s always worth remembering that these tools are just simple mechanisms for publishing and managing web content.

Anyway, my response to this unusual feedback was:

‘A blog is just a simple mechanism to publish information on the web and to interact with readers. They are used by a wide variety of organisations from the Church of England, through charities such as Oxfam, to many UK government departments. It seems a shame to ignore such a wide range of engaging content based purely on the mechanism used to publish it.’

Oh, and here’s what our new intranet homepage looks like – subject to ongoing feedback of course … comments very welcome!
BT Intranet homepage



  1. indeed! that’s a strong prejudice.

    checking the date, this post is some time ago. is this still the intranet home screen or did feedback necessitate change?

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