Made it into FIR #308!

My follow-up post on What is an intranet(2)? made it into For Immediate Release #308 … hurrah … who said sequels are never as good as originals! All I need to do now is get a mention in Private Eye (I’ve written plenty of stuff that would sit very comfortably in the Birtspeak column!) and I can invest in slippers, pipe and rocking chair! 😉

At the suggestion of Shel and Neville, I will start a discussion topic in the FIR Forum around intranet definitions based on my two posts … when my account is ‘activated’ that is – I registered 24 hrs ago and am still waiting 😦 … bit web 1.0 methinks!!

++UPDATE – 11/01/08++

Apparently my ‘activation’ e-mail was being blocked by the over-zealous spam filters on the BT Intranet firewall … I am now a fully-paid-up member of the FIR Forum and  have posted a topic around intranet definitions … have your say!!


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