BT Intranet strategy

In a comment on the ‘What is an intranet?‘ post, Steve Kent asked if I would talk a bit about the BT Intranet strategy … so here goes.

We’ve made a big effort in the last year to ensure our intranet strategy is very closely aligned with BT’s overall business strategy. We looked at the work in this area of the Intranet Benchmarking Forum, and then crafted a set of short-term objectives (1-2 year) and a set of medium term objectives (3-5 year). Without going in to too much detail, these objectives are grouped into four strategic areas, which are:


  • Strategy & governance
    • governance model
    • information management
    • extended enterprise
    • product provision
  • Business value
    • knowledge management
    • measurement
    • emerging technologies
    • benchmarking
  • Communications & culture
    • collaboration
    • information ownership
  • Design & usability
    • consistency and context

    Medium term:
    The medium term objectives are grouped under BT’s values (inspiring; trustworthy; heart; helpful; straightforward) and under the tag-line: ‘Spirit of change’ which is central to our overall business strategy … see diagram below:

    Medium term objectives

    Obviously, underneath these strategic areas are detailed action plans with owners, objectives and timescales …too much detail to share here!

    Steve – hope this is of some interest?? I’m happy to expand on any areas … if I can without giving away the family silver … 🙂
    I’d love to hear how other organisations have defined their intranet strategies …


    1. Thanks Richard, that’s excellent.

      Do you publicise your success in achieving objectives / deliverables? I guess what I’m asking is, do you see the need to say to the BT intranet world ‘Hey look how much better this is’?

      I have read elsewhere that it’s sometimes better to let the intranet ‘blend in’ with the user’s everyday jobs, rather than being more ‘in their face’. Your opinions?

      Thanks again for your time and info!

      Steve Kent

    2. Hi Richard.

      Thanks very much, that’s excellent. Another question if I may: do you promote your successes to your users? I’ve read elsehwre that it’s often better to just let your intranet ‘blend in’ with your users’ everyday work life, rather than being more proactive with advertising new features / success. Your opinion?

      Thanks again.

      Kind regards
      Steve Kent

    3. Nice picture. It nicely shows that the Intranet has many faces, depending on how you look at it. I could not come up with an extra point of view. I completely agree with Steven Kent’s comment that “it’s sometimes better to let the intranet ‘blend in’ with the user’s everyday jobs, rather than being more ‘in their face’. If an Intranet doesn’t blend in with everyday work I would say it’s useless.

    4. Samuel – thanks for the two comments today … I think if an intranet doesn’t ‘power’ people’s work it is useless!

    5. Dear Richard,

      Thanks for sharing the information. I am working in a telecom company here in Pakistan and interested in knowing the strategy of global telecom players.

      I was wondering if I could get information regarding the BT’s future strategy, what are Goals/Objecitves and where they are heading towards.



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