Blog disclaimers …

‘The views expressed on this blog are my own and don’t represent the views of my employer.’

This is a common refrain you see on blogs all over the blogosphere and is, in my view, a complete cop-out!

A company is just a group of people with shared objectives. Those people have views – how can you separate out what the ‘people’ an organisation employs think and what the ‘organisation’ thinks when they are the same thing?? I wonder how bloggers who use this disclaimer define ’employer’ … is it the CEO, HR director, comms director?? If employees aren’t doing the thinking in an organisation, who the hell is!?!?! Smacks of groupthink to me …

It seems weird for a company to allow its employees to blog and then to disown them and their views … presumably, if a company allows its employees to blog as part of their job it will have a policy and some user guidance … provided their bloggers stick to the ‘rules’ they should not disown their ‘professional’ views … it feels very insulting to me … 😦

Like it or not … what I think is, at the very least, 1/110,000th of what BT thinks as a whole – no disclaimer is going to change that … 😉



  1. I think there’s a difference between opinion and policy. An organisation of any size is likely to have many different opinions. Through various means/conversations a consensus is reached which becomes the collective opinion of the organisation. Maybe even policy.
    So it depends on whether the disclaimer is referring to opinion or policy.

  2. As much as I agree in principle, I have added my own disclaimer to a couple of personal posts because I felt it was necessary to reiterate. I mean, whoever reads the paragraph at the bottom of most corporate e-mails: “this e-mail is intended only for the recipient… blah blah blah.” But it’s there, isn’t it. It has to be in many cases.

    And on this note, here’s the latest example of someone losing their job because of writing a blog:

  3. This guy seemed to get fired not because of what he said but because he didn’t ‘follow the rules’ of his employer … seems VERY harsh to me but I guess you can’t really complain if you break company rules. Quite frankly, he’s probably better off in an organisation that understands what blogging is …

  4. the HR director or GC of course Hi Patrick 🙂

    Richard I haven’t checked in detail but it looks to me like they didn’t have anything in the employee hand book about blogging.

    His blog was not a work blog as such he didnt say whos his employer is.

    Interesting case probaly an auto win in the Uk for the guy at an IT

    Oh and hes recovering from a very serious condition and it looks like the employer dooced another person for a pasword protected blog.

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