Wit and simplicity …

Information is knowing a tomato is red

Knowledge is knowing it is a fruit

Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

(Miles Kington – plus add-on from me!)



  1. Oh I like this a lot, its the wisdom of crowds that organisations need to leverage, not just the knowledge or information. I wonder if we should start avoiding the term ‘knowledge management’ and start using ‘wisdom management’ – Hmm, it sounds like an oxymoron (just kidding!).

    One recent article that make a big impression on me was JP’s recent musings on oysters and pearls.

    I’m probably not taking from that article not quite what JP intended, he was more concerned with and analogy between social objects and natural pearls, but I was more keen to ponder how we can make cultured pearls as good as possible.

    How do we manage wisdom?

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