Social media relations

Our latest foray into the world of social media is an evaluation of the benefits/pitfalls of setting up an external ‘social media (media) centre’ and producing social media press releases – the jury is still well and truly out on whether we want to do this or not! Has anyone got any practical experience of this kind of thing – I know there’s lots of slide-ware on the web about it but it would be good to talk to people with ‘real’ experiences?

Also … how do other companies support social media activities in their organisation? Do you have a social media relations team – is it part of the press office; what are its responsibilities; is internal social media activity managed in the same team or a different one; what are the roles within it?

I’d be very interested to hear from anyone with practical experience of any of the above …

[NB: this is not an invitation to every social media consultant on the planet to pitch for work with us … we’re not planning to spend money on consultants, but am more than happy to engage in conversation on this blog about it 🙂 ]



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