Early adopter … me?

Thought I’d finally try out Twitter – I’m guessing I don’t quite qualify as an early adopter 🙂

I think the concept of a lifestream is potentially very powerful in a corporate context – great device for humanising the virtual void and aggregating disparate content to get a fuller picture of your colleagues. Twenty four hours in and I’m still wondering how best to integrate my consumption and contributions into my current activities … it has the potential to be as disruptive as stopping everything every time an e-mail arrives to read it. If I can’t figure this out, my participation might be short-lived!

My user name (is that the right term?) on Twitter is RichardDennison – just in case you were interested!



  1. Richard, it’s a stream, not a tap. Dip into when you want, and let the rest flow by.

    You’ll receive any DM (direct messages).
    Set up tweetscan to search for RichardDennison and if you want, you can even get an RSS feed to see when your name is mentioned (yours is http://tweetscan.com/rss.php?s=RichardDennison)

    You could try twhirl/snitter as clients.

    As far as lifestreams go, you could have a go at friendfeed.com if you haven’t – or I have the odd socialthing! invite available.

    I’ve written about the multiplicity of social media and how I deal with it. I stopped twitter feeding Facebook altogether.

  2. Thanks Steve … really useful information – I’ll definitely subscribe to the RSS feed … I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon enough!

  3. Hi Richard,

    I’d definitely recommend a desktop client such as Twhirl or Twitteriffic. You can configure them so an messages fade in and fade out from the corner of your screen, (similar to an email notifier).

    As Steve says, it’s a flow, so there’s no need to feel beholden to it like you might do with email.

    Will be interesting to hear your thoughts on it!

  4. As an aside, as a recognised blogger, you might want to have a look at Twitterfeed which will automatically tweet when you make a blog posting.

    You can use your wordpress blog as your OpenID. Even with my little blog, I’ve found twitter does add significant traffic… and gets me some interesting comments.

  5. Thanks, Steve. Have just done it … at least I think I have – will wait and see what happens!

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