Twitter in the enterprise …

A week into using Twitter and my experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive. It takes some getting used to and was very disruptive at first. Relying on just the web interface makes it significantly less integrated into my way of working and requires you to keep going back to the web site and refreshing the page. This wouldn’t have worked for me in the long run and it would have slipped from my mind and into none-use. Downloading Twhirl – a desktop client that works a bit like e-mail – really transformed my experience.

Following some advice from my colleague and Web 2.0 tool guru Steve Ellwood (@steveellwood in Twitter), I’ve set up a private Twitter group for my team in BT (using Grouptweet) – the team being highly dispersed and made up of mainly homeworkers – so that we can bond and share on an ongoing basis. I’m sure this will have a really positive effect on team dynamics … I’ll let you know how we get on!

I think this is a really good example of how the intranet has become more than just web pages behind a firewall.



  1. Great post. I just started Twittering this week myself. I’ll be interested in seeing what you think in future posts.

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