Inspired leadership …

I’m on a course next week (21-25 Apr) called Inspired leadership: seeing organisations as living systems at Schumacher College in Devon facilitated by Margaret Wheatley. I’m REALLY looking forward to it and hope to find time and an internet connection to blog about it. Failing that, I should be able to Tweet my thoughts.



  1. Can you be taught inspiration? How many of our top leaders learned it on a course, not many I guess.

  2. I was looking a bit closer to home! I’m not sure you can be taught ‘inspiration’ but you can be ‘inspired’ by others to see the world in different ways.

  3. Seems to me that the point of the title is probably in keeping with Wheatley’s underlying philosophy: Once you begin to see organizations as living systems, that knowledge in and of itself is inspirational. This is similar to what Kohler would have called the “Ah-Ha!” moment. I doubt that there will be any attempts at “teaching inspiration.”

    Wish I could be there.

  4. Eric,
    Absolutely, the inspiration comes from the understanding that the systems we have created to run amd manage our world and organisations have created the negative outcomes we are currentrly experiencing – from disengaged employees to conflict and poverty.

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