Twitter and TV …

An interesting post on the BBC blog about the use of Twitter during the annual Eurovision Song Contest – it always amazes me each year that this is still going! Anyway, what’s interesting to me about this post is that it graphically illustrates the power of social media tools. It strikes me that people who don’t understand the value that social media tools can deliver normally have this opinion because they look at each tool individually and think that they are an end in themselves … for example, they think that geeky kids just sit on Facebook all day in dimly-lit bedrooms with ‘imaginery’ online friends rather than having lives … the reality is that young people use Facebook to organise their physical lives making it a means to an end rather than an end in itself.

Likewise, you could look at Twitter and think that it’s the most pointless piece of trivial functionality ever created … and, in isolation, maybe it is. The point is, the power of Twitter – and the rest of the growing band of social media tools – is in the way they can be used together to facilitate conversations, create connections, fuel innovative thought and creativity etc. etc. Each one is of limited use on its own and, if you take the mistaken view that each one is an end in itself, then it’s not surprising you might conclude that they are a complete waste of time.

To unleash the true power of social media tools you need to use them together – together with each other, and together with existing channels to create new, richer experiences …


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