Hierarchy -v- network

Hierarchy versus network



  1. ah, that looks ideal.

    Now, remind me how we map one to the other 🙂

    [Imagines Richard saying “Only thing left is to sort out how to manage performance and reward in the new structure…”]

    I asked an Open Source guy how it was to provide direction for development. He paused and said:

    “It’s easy. Like herding cats is easy.”

  2. I always liked the ‘stone soup’ fable as an analogy about how things can get done in a less structured organisation. Perhaps we need to work out if an organisation has barriers for making stone soup.

    (If anyone has no idea what stone soup is, google / wikipedia is your friend)

  3. Andy – sounds interesting … will do.

    Steve – performance should be based on ‘contribution’ not the artificial ‘personal’ objectives that fracture an organisation’s processes under which we currently exist. I’m sure a better system could be created based on networks.

    Sandy – I’ll have to look that one up myself! 🙂

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