Blogger relations …

I tried to write a post this morning, but the blog wouldn’t let me.

Me: What’s up with you today?

Blog: Don’t play the innocent with me …

Me: What have I done?

Blog: You take me for granted …

Me: Well, yes … I suppose I do – you are, after all, just a bunch of code designed to meet my personal publishing needs.

Blog: Thanks! You think I don’t have feelings … it’s been a whole week since I last saw you and you just turn up without so much as a by-your-leave … you feed the same old drivel into my forms and expect me to be grateful and pretend nothing has changed.

Me: ‘Drivel’ … ow … that hurts!

Blog: I could’ve been owned by Salman Rushdie, or Richard Dawkins … I could’ve been … but all I get is you and your endless social-media-this … and social-media-that … blah, blah, blah …

Me: Sorry – I didn’t realise …

Blog: If our relationship is gonna have a future, you’re gonna need to pay me more attention … I think we need blogger relations counselling …

Me: Sorry – I’ll try harder to pay you more attention in the future …

Blog: You better believe it!


Sometimes having a blog can be a real pain in the butt!



  1. Hi Richard.

    Really enjoyed your point about SM as a symbolic gesture of freedom in the workplace. I’ve seen how our own blogging culture has made staff more accountable for their opinions, but more importantly mesh the collective together. We use our proprietary tool to monitor the effect our SM activity has on our online reputation, and then in turn how best to plan our next activity. It may be very relevant to your efforts at BT.
    Happy to talk further if need be.

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