Essence of social media …

I thought I’d try something different today … a video post rather than the normal text. It’s a bit rambling (6 mins) and a bit unstructured … I think it would have been better if I’d ‘scripted’ it a bit!

Not sure what I think of it really, or if I’ll do it again – I’d be interested in your views.


  1. well done, more guts than i have!

    On a content level, great stuff, well delivered without waffle (somethign which i suffer from badly) we need more like this to beat the guys who think technology will fix every problem,

    On a technical level, good clean audio and video, easy to understand and easy to watch and listen to.
    not sure about the telescope and drums in the background, but the caricature can stay !!!

  2. Well, since some of us work behind digital fences that have armed guards on the prowl against all things video, I can’t see your experiment. Is the stream itself coming from a safe place (like, say, Teacher Tube), or from the forbidden world of YouTube, et al?

  3. Nice Vlog, agree with Vitor to fix you chair, would help concentrate on message. Especially agree with the participation bit that people in their workplace often lack somehow. Indeed there seems to be some sort of second life in the office which becomes worse as people age.

    Keep up this Vlogging, and maybe play the drums to start.

  4. Thanks Nancy … I’ve been meaning to fix the chair for about 3 yrs … guess I have a reason now!

  5. Love it! Why don’t we do this more often? If you would type out your ‘script’ nobody (or not many) would have read it.

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