What are we up to now …

Sorry for the long silence … I’ve been busy doing stuff and then had a week’s leave. So what are we up to right now …

  • we’re reviewing, re-writing and re-launching all our intranet standards, including Web 2.0 stuff
  • we’re applying our intranet governance standards to the new content types we defined for our intranet going forward – again, including the new user-generated content
  • I’m about to start some formal internal comms around blogging – both internal and external
  • we’re looking at options for more formal external blog monitoring
  • we’re looking at options for user-generated content on www.btplc.com
  • we’re re-launching Podcast Central to feature video more prominently
  • we’re looking at options for social tagging – sounds like IBM has a great widget for this (love to learn more if anyone knows more about it!)
  • trying to figure out imaginative ways to get people using our new social network – as well delivering new features/functionality to integrate it into people’s work more fully
  • I’m thinking about organising a pan-BT social media event in October to get those intersted in this stuff from across the company together to share knowledge and experience and agree coherent ways forward in the future … I would prefer a face-to-face gathering but money is tight and travel restrictions may prevent this happening …

Thanks for the feedback about the video post … might try it again if I can think of an interesting topic to rant on about!



  1. Richard,

    just a thought about widgets for social tagging: I’m not sure about what constitutes a widget as such in this context, but if you have trouble in unearthing the one you mention from IBM, can I recommend taking a peek at what colleagues have created up here?

    As part of recent efforts to enhance the personal (user) profile element within the NHSScotland eLibrary, the team has created a ‘My Community Space’ facility, which links with the use of a tagging tool (the team created their own because of experience of mainstream ones like del.ici.ous being blocked by local institutional nannywalls) and thereby being able to locate both other resources and other people via any given tag. It may be necessary to sign up for an NHSScotland Athens account to get the full picture, but if you wanted an initial idea, I’m sure I have some screen shots you could see.

    They have also done sterling work on things like incorporating tagging into the way search results are presented, with a wee ‘tag this’ button by each resource on the list of hits, for example.

    They’re a very helpful bunch there, and Annette Thain is the person I’ve been in touch with about it most.

    Peter Ashe

    PS. if you do find out more about the IBM widget, do please share the knowledge!

  2. i think a get together is a great idea … well worth the investment in my view – and definately f2f. Understand there could well be budget contraints though.

  3. Ethan (from IBM) here…we have a page-level tagging service on our intranet — and yes, it ties into dogear . It’s an experiment now, but that’s how we develop many of our products — we try them inside and then they harden them into products. The idea is that there are and will be a number of different sources of tags (coming in from social bookmarking sources, content publishing sources, page-level tagging widget as a source etc etc etc) but they’re all more powerful if they’re feeding into the same system. I believe the team that invented this system is receiving an innovation award from a CIO professional group later this month…maybe a patent too. I’m very excited about it — especially as it relates to improving search results and cretaing a more dynamic profile for end-users based on their activity (rather than based on them filling out a form.)

  4. Hi Richard

    Interesting that you’re looking at blog-monitoring software. I’ve been doing a fair bit of research into suppliers for Fishburn Hedges and our clients (as you konw, we work across a lot of BT already). If it would be useful to have a chat over a coffee then I’d be happy to. I’m away for a couple of weeks from Monday, but if it might be interesting, then do drop me a line. In the meantime keep up the good work!


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