New BT social media adoption case study

A new BT social media case study (link downloads a 986kb pdf) has been written by a company called Career Innovation … some of the content will be familiar to those who have read the one I wrote but this one is from a digital generation perspective.



  1. How much did you pay for this? Wasn’t setting it all up done in-house? What’s the point of a consultancy report telling you exactly what you already know?
    Rgds Zen.

  2. Zen – we didn’t pay for the article – they approached us and asked if they could do it and re-use the content for their own purposes …

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us. It gives us a good overview of what you do, together with your posts. What I was wondering was: do you help your users/customers decide where to share and store information? With all these tools, it can become hard for them to choose the right tool! I’m working on an internal document to do just this. And I’ll share it with you soon.

  4. Samuel – we have a collaboration homepage with user stories on it to help users choose the most appropriate tool.

  5. I am confused – Is this study about Gen Z/Digital Gen or about the millennial generation? The link posted, the one to the Wikipedia page, suggests that the digital generation is only 7 years old. Have I missed something?

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