A year is a long time in blogging …

“In science blogging as in love, too much concentration on technique can often lead to impotence.” (apologies to Peter Berger for gratuitous quotation vandalism)

Well … my blog is a year old and it seemed churlish not to mention it. To celebrate/commiserate [delete as appropriate], I’ve jotted down some random and personal thoughts on the subject:

  • while some hardcore social media types think blogging in soooo 2004, I happen to think it still serves a very useful purpose in sharing information and starting conversations – despite what some would have you believe, 140 characters isn’t always enough
  • while cynicism about social media seems to be the current vogue, I prefer to keep the dream alive!
  • blogging has taken a bigger slice of me than I imagined it would when I started, but the rewards in terms of connecting with people and having great conversations has made it worthwhile
  • having a blog feels a bit like being in a relationship with a cross-bred wife/husband/child/cat/dog/goldfish/African land snail – sometimes a pain, often a source of guilt, splattered with moments of wonder, pleasure and satisfaction … but ALWAYS in the back of your mind gently poking you with a sharp stick!

Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by over the last year and especially to those foolish enough to keep coming back for more … I’ve noted down some first birthday tit-bits below …

Some Inside Out facts since launching a year ago:

Posts: 95 … 96 now!

Drafts: 1 (er, wonder what that is?? Oh, it’s this post … so, Drafts = 0 if you’re reading this 🙂 )

Pages: 8

Comments: 393

Total number of hits: c.28,000 (I know … I know … hits stands for: ‘how idiots track success’ … but indulge me on this!)

Tags: 222

Most popular post/page: BT Web 2.0 adoption case study (c.4,900 views)

Most popular slide show: Online Information 2007 seminar (c.4,800 views)

Technorati authority: 66 when I just looked but seems to be different every time I look (what is it anyway)??

er … that’s it!

[PS Thanks to Steve Ellwood for showing me how to add the lovely icons below … it took quite a bit of effort so YOU’D BETTER CLICK ON SOME OF THEM … I wonder what they do??]

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