Manifesto for agile workplace

I was sent this study yesterday from the Career Innovation Group, the company that wrote the most recent BT social media case study. It’s a Manifesto for the new Agile Workplace (link downloads 1MB pdf file) which I think makes an enormous amount of sense.

I notice it was produced in partnership with BT, but I had nothing to do with it personally.

Apart from revealing some shocking dissatisfaction levels among knowledge workers, it offers six ways to create an agile workplace. These are:

  • work should be defined in roles that play to people’s strengths
  • most employers don’t need exclusive control
  • design learning into work
  • define work in projects, not weeks or years
  • work comitments can be fitted to phase of life
  • we can choose where we work most productively.

OK … these may not all be new concepts, but together they paint a very powerful picture of how work could, and in my view, should be.

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  1. Hi Richard

    Sorry for the cold-calling but I’ve been admiring your work on social media from afar. At Virgin Media I’m trying to get some traction behind it for our employees and would love to talk more with you on it.


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