Usability warning …

I just had the following conversation with my son:

Felix: I found this really cool racing game on the computer.

Me: What do you have to do?

Felix: You use the forward and sideways arrows to control the car – but I’m not sure yet whether you’re supposed to ram the other cars or race past them.

Me: Why don’t you read the instructions?

Felix: I never read instructions, I just figure it out for myself.

(Felix is 8 yrs old!)

TAKE NOTE intranet system designers!



  1. Yep, my nephew said just the same when he tried a racing game on my Xbox. Just picked up the controller and started playing – within 5 minutes his score was way better than mine (and I of course had read the manual cover to cover).

  2. I’d let Felix claim my expenses on-line each month if he didn’t insist on taking such a big cut! 😉

  3. I am 41 and I have the same mindset as Felix (prob in more ways than one :-). I NEVER read the instructions. It’s like torture. My wife gets so aggravated with me. But for the record, this is not a guy thing. My 14-yr old doesn’t play anything without first reading the instructions. I am obviously not setting a good example for him in this respect (LOL!).

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