SharePoint 2010 unleashed into the corporate social media space

IT Dept unleashes SP2010 as grim reaper to destroy existing SM tools

SharePoint 2010 unleashed into corporate social space

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  1. Off-the-shelf integration that’s “mediocre” is apparently easier than paying to properly integrate all the independent “good stuff”! I think this is part of a needed journey to evolve the overall level of social media understanding amongst the corporate masses. As long as everything else isn’t culled, maybe it will eventually push more people to independent tools that do it better?

  2. Zain – you hit the nail on the head when you said: “As long as everything else isn’t culled …” – we’ll see …

  3. Brilliant… can’t help imagining which ‘death’ this could be… Bergman’s Death? Playing chess to see if it can win the life of its victim… Python’s Death… say no more! Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Wish we could give it a wedgie!

  4. This is THE question – SharePoint can easily cull the others, but can it do as good a job, or even do the job – for sure it has all the bells and whistles, but will users ever make use of them?

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