1. Good post Richard.

    “Get in early” that’s more or less what I keep telling people when they ask questions about how social media works – you need to be a part of it before you can tell if it will be of any value to you.

    Intranets and other internal communcation platforms adopt more and more features from the www which is another factor underlining your point that you need to act in more or less the same way in your internal communication as you do externally.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are communicating to customers or employees – they have one very important thing in common: They are all people! 🙂

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  3. What if the the Knowledge Management and Communication department actively shuts down or hobbles not-invented-here communication facilities owing to policy conformance?

    This can mean that emerging communication channels will seek to remain underground, avoid the engagement from comms managers.

    As a by-product of these two influences, innovative new communication channels can’t benefit from the scale which would underpin their value.

  4. Thanks for the comment Cefn – in a corporate organisational context there is always a balance between managing risk which might stifle free-flowing communication and allowing innovation at the edges which can be both hugely beneficial and high risk at the same time.

    The real danger is that comms people don’t get engaged in innovative channels and consequently don’t really understand the benefits and fail to support them when the arguments around risk/benefit happen … and good stuff gets closed through lack of understanding and awareness.

  5. Personal branding is on the upswing for intranet managers. Great news. More later in my report to be published soon!
    Good post Richard. You have your finger on the pulse.

  6. Nice post, Richard! I agree. What I also advise is to see if there already are social media enthusiasts in the organization you can connect to and learn from. Find them, work with and learn from them. Furthermore, if the step to the outside world of social media (on the internet) is too scary now, start with social media internally.

  7. the key problem is when TPTB start wondering if something “is suitable for” a channel. This brings the stultification of fear, and puts people off. You’ll kill engagement and folk will abandon *your* channel. Conversation builds the relationship, which builds the trust, which builds the sharing… which delivers the benefit.

  8. Steve – I don’t really like the word ‘channel’ as a descripion of social spaces as it sends out the wrong message … i.e. there needs to be ‘management’ (which often means ‘control’); and there needs to be a lot of top-down stuff going on for it to be successful.

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