I am responsible for managing the BT Intranet, intranet strategy, communication channel strategy and social media for corporate communications.

I started life as a business writer for Logica (pre-CMG-merger days), migrated into internal comms, and then launched the company’s first internet site. I joined BT as an intranet consultant and have wended my way through that organisation ever since …

A Google search for ‘Richard Dennison BT‘ will give you a bit more info about my views and recent experiences … at least the ‘public’ ones anyway!

[Views expressed on this blog are my own]


  1. Hi Richard

    I attended your seminar at the IMS show and apart from thinking you were genuinely a nice guy, saw a lot of sense in what you said.

    So much so that I’ve decided to ‘give away’ with our best kept business ideas, in a blog!

    Instead of keeping our proposition and ideas a closely guarded secret, only available to the selected few that agree to a meeting, I’m simply going to tell everyone in a blog, how our ideas work and why… they will of course be free to use the ideas and solutions themselves, without my help, or…. ask me to help them.

    Bit risky I guess, but here goes.

    I guess the thing I learnt from you most, was that if you can give people genuine, useful information and that they can choose what to do with it, the results can be surprising.

    I am also expecting to learn a lot from the feedback (if I get any) as to how to make our solutions better and in turn improve the offering we make, which in turn will add to the info in future entries in the blog.

    Anyway, thanks again for starting me on this road, it’s quite exciting.

    With your permission, I would like to put a link to your blog on mine; you never know who might find it useful. Let me know if you’re ok with this.

    Kind regards

    Tim Beck

  2. Tim,
    Fantastic to hear you are going to start a blog and, if I have helped to inspire you to do so in any small way, then my trip to IMS was totally worth it!

    When I started this blog, I did share your concerns that I was giving away all our best secrets … however, I now realise that the best way to improve what you do and be inspired to continue down this path is to share and engage in interesting conversations with others with similar interests. It keeps you ‘fresh’ and on your toes and it helps to have confirmation and support from ‘third parties’ that what you are doing is right – particularly when the going can get a bit tough!

    I’d be delighted if you linked to my blog and I’m looking forward to reading all your ‘secrets’! …

    Good luck!


  3. Hello Richard, I was interested in your article in Simply Communicate. We are site that aims to bridge the gap between university and the workplace – strangely disconnected – and I see that what you are advocating in BT will give students something familiar to engage with when they get to work with you. Would you be able to talk about it on our site if we arranged an interview? Christophe

  4. Richard,

    I’ve enjoyed our brief exchange of ideas on leadership and I am slowly (but surely) browsing through other posts in your blog. I’ve linked your blog to mine, so let me know if that’s okay by you. I’m pretty new to blogging, and finding it quite interesting!



  5. That’s totally fine with me … the more ‘connected’ we all are the better!

  6. Richard
    My thanks for your presentation to NETIKX on 8 June. Most impressed by BT use of ‘open source’ tools and the mix of opportunities for collaboration in the workplace. Picking the best tools for the job has clearly been beneficial rather than one gadget to fit everything (like SharePoint tries to achieve).
    The debate around ‘hierarchy’ change was most informative, even if it squeezed you for time. I can see this challenge being most difficult in those command structures like government office, but am really hopeful that in my last few years in government the change to loose networks that get things done faster will be enhanced, if not enabled, by using social networking tools.
    Great talk from you and I look forward to seeing how this social and business change further affects BT, and others.
    Mike B

  7. Hi Richard,

    I used to work at Nortel Networks on the BT Account team and it is really great to see BT utilising these technologies to streamline and optimise internal collaboration and communication, it used to be quite difficult to figure out the organisation, although sometimes I used to think that was perhaps be design rather than default!!

    I am currently an MBA student at Cass Business School and along with a number of colleagues we are working on a project looking at the future use of Web2.0 technologies at work.

    We have done research into the likes of IBM and Dresdner Kleinworth Wassersteins use of Web 2.0 technologies. Would it be possible to have a chat with you about your experience and thoughts on the future of Web 2.0 I think it would add tremendous value to our report on the basis of your experience of the resulting organisation change in BT.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



  8. Hi Richard,

    Again thanks for the link in to my blog recently. As SAS is one of the few BT roster agencies, I thought we should grab a lunch or cup of coffee – give me a ring on 0207 243 3232 – would be great to compare notes!


  9. Richard,

    We really appreciated the time you spared to talk with us “young guns fresh out of business school” and hope the grilling wasn’t too bad. 🙂

    Regardless, you left us with visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads — we hope you made as great an impression on the “big” guns you spoke with today so that they’ll be a little more eager to go forward with some of the things we’ve been pushing for.


  10. Hi Elena … I enjoyed the discussion – could have gone on all day! You weren’t nearly as scary as your billing 😉

  11. Hi Richard

    I am part of a team currently looking at the potential to use social media/networking in our company. Would it be possible for me to contact you by phone for a quick chat? (mobile 07841568507).


  12. Dear Richard

    Confetti, one of Scandinavia´s leading digital media agencies, are hosting a 1 day seminar on Social Media in central London on Friday March 6th.
    The audience will be a group of 20 Scandinavian (Norway, Sweden) large advertisers (marketing directors and new media specialists).

    The format for the day is as follows:

    Session 1: Better Customer Insight from Social Media
    Session 2: Selecting Social media Formats and Setting Objectives
    Session 3: Creating a Workflow
    Session 4: Measuring and Reporting Results

    I recently read a case study by The Career Innovation Group about BT´s work in using social media strategies to build and connect communities. I understand from reading your blog that you are taking a temporary break from conference speaking, but I´m wondering if you may have a colleague who could give a presentation on the theme of social media at BT lasting 30-45 minutes?
    Grateful for any assistance you can provide.


    Russell Lack
    Confetti AS
    +47 94809797

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