I’m still here …

Sorry for the long silence! I was quite busy before Christmas and then had flu for three weeks … I’m a stone in weight lighter and look 10 years older!

Anyway, I’m coming out the other side! Thought I’d just let you know of a couple of conferences I’m speaking at over the next three months:

Internal communications: A vital business function in difficult economic times on 11-12 Feb in London
IntraTeam 2009 in Copenhagen on 3-5 Mar (there’s a 15% early bird discount if you book by 10 Jan – sorry not long left to do this – if you quote ‘Dennison15′) – added 8 Jan – thanks for the clarification Kurt – see Kurt’s comment below

After these two conferences, I’ve decided to take a break from speaking as, quite frankly, I’m getting bored of the sound of my own voice and I’m repeating myself too much! When, and if, I have something new to say I’ll start speaking again.

We’re really going through a bedding-down period with our social media tools – trying to increase adoption levels and ensuring they comply with our governance and information management standards. While this is extremely important for us, it isn’t that exciting to talk about!

Anyway, I’ll endeavour to keep posting to this blog so keep stopping by every now and then!

Happy New Year to everyone!


That was the week that was …

I had a really interesting week last week – it’s nice to get my feet back under the desk! So what did I learn from my conference frenzy:

  • it’s easy to take the progress we have made in social media deployment in BT for granted – despite some major frustrations, we have a lot to be thankful for
  • companies in central Europe face some significant cultural barriers to using social media tools on their intranets – but the interest shown in these tools by conference delegates is a major source of optimism
  • the potential issues around social media tool deployment in a corporate context are pretty generic across Europe
  • don’t volunteer to take part in conference panel sessions on subjects about which you have scant knowledge 😦
  • if you are travelling to Zurich in December, take a woolly hat
  • AND, don’t order the crab risotto at the Thistle Inn Heathrow 😮

Conference ‘bunching’ …

I’m having the conference equivalent of bus bunching next week … you know the kind of thing … you wait for ages and then three turn up at once!

Hear me speak at IMS 07 … and the Intranet 2.0 Forum.

As the organisers of Online Information 2007 sent me this dinky image … thought it only polite to use it! Should you be in West London next Tues (4 Dec) at a loose end or in need of somewhere to warm up, why not pop in to my seminar on: ‘Making social media work in corporate context‘ at 15:45hrs.

I’m also taking part in a panel session called: ‘Predictions for collaborative futures: web 3.0 and beyond’ on Thursday at 15:00hrs.

If that wasn’t enough, I’m speaking at the Intranet 2.0 Forum in Zurich on Friday.

Anyway … better fire up PowerPoint and start to rack my brains for something interesting to say …