International Employee Communications Summit

My slides from International Employee Communications Summit

I managed to struggle through man-flu to do my key note presentation at the International Employee Communications Summit on 6 June. Here are the slides … enjoy … questions/discussion very welcome!

(If for any reason you can’t see the slides, they are also available here).


Speaker rush …

I find myself facing three busy weeks of conference attending/speaking … not sure why it always works out that way. So, in case you’re interested (… and even if you’re not – it’s my blog so I can do publish what I want on it!), here’s where I’m going to be speaking over the next three weeks … say hello if you happen to be there … I’m sure there are still tickets available – mention my name and I might get commission!!

  • I’m on a panel session tomorrow at Social Media Influence – with some pretty cool people! (Moderator – Niall Cook from Hill & Knowlton; Struan Robertson, Editor, Pinsent Mason’s, Lee Bryant, Director, Headshift; Ruth Ward, Head of Knowledge Systems and Development Allen & Overy)
  • I’m at the International Employee Communications Summit on Thursday and Friday – doing keynote presentation on Friday morning and a panel session on Friday afternoon.
  • Next week on the 11-12 June I’m speaking at a conference in Stockholm called Intranätdagarna 2008 (link to PDF with agenda) … I have NO IDEA what that means and it’s mostly in Swedish … but it is in Stockholm … how shallow is that!?
  • On 16 June I’m presenting to the British Computer Society Elite Group … bit scary!
  • On 17 June I’m presenting at in internal KPMG Europe KM and collaboration kick-off event.
  • On 18 June I’m doing two slots at IBF24 – one a live BT Intranet tour with Mark Morrell, BT Intranet manager, and then something called: A Master Class, Solving Web 2.0 … I’m not sure exactly what that is but I sure as hell hope they’re not expecting me to ‘solve’ anything!

… and, as luck would have it, I haven’t had a cold for about 18 months and I’ve been feeling a bit coldy for the last couple of days … hoping to fight it off before it becomes man-flu 😦