Perils of a social media consultant …

Mrs D: What are you doing?

Me: Trying to think of something intelligent and engaging to write on my blog

Mrs D: What’s a blog?

Me: It’s a kind-of website about me and my work and what I’m up to

Mrs D: Tell me what you do again?

Me: WHAT?? How many times do I have to explain it …*SIGH*

Mrs D: Sorry – just tell me once more – I’ll listen this time, I promise

Me: I’m responsibile for … <<repeat same explanation I’ve offered a million times before>>

Mrs D: When are you going to put that shelf up in the bathroom?

Me: *SIGH*

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Blogger relations …

I tried to write a post this morning, but the blog wouldn’t let me.

Me: What’s up with you today?

Blog: Don’t play the innocent with me …

Me: What have I done?

Blog: You take me for granted …

Me: Well, yes … I suppose I do – you are, after all, just a bunch of code designed to meet my personal publishing needs.

Blog: Thanks! You think I don’t have feelings … it’s been a whole week since I last saw you and you just turn up without so much as a by-your-leave … you feed the same old drivel into my forms and expect me to be grateful and pretend nothing has changed.

Me: ‘Drivel’ … ow … that hurts!

Blog: I could’ve been owned by Salman Rushdie, or Richard Dawkins … I could’ve been … but all I get is you and your endless social-media-this … and social-media-that … blah, blah, blah …

Me: Sorry – I didn’t realise …

Blog: If our relationship is gonna have a future, you’re gonna need to pay me more attention … I think we need blogger relations counselling …

Me: Sorry – I’ll try harder to pay you more attention in the future …

Blog: You better believe it!


Sometimes having a blog can be a real pain in the butt!